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Frequently Asked Questions


Who provides the alcohol?

Unfortunately, state laws prohibit us from supplying alcohol.  


To comply with this law, you are required to purchase the alcohol but we are allowed to mix and serve the drinks. We can call our preferred alcohol vendor or you can order from your preferred business.


We work very closely with you to create a customized drink menu to ensure you buy the correct ingredients for your signature drinks to serve at your event.


We work hard to keep the process as easy and as seamless as possible!


What kind of events do you cover?

We work with all kinds of events! A few examples include:


- Weddings

- Corporate events

- Bridal showers

- Baby showers

- Birthday parties

..........................And more!


Do you serve non-alcoholic drinks?

We serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We work closely with you to create the perfect personalized custom Bar Menu for your event. Contact us today to create your Signature Drink!


What’s On Tap?

If it’s in a keg, we can serve it! The Bubbly Bee Piaggio Ape turned mobile bar has three taps capable of pouring craft beer, wine, cocktails, prosecco, cold brew, kombucha and more at your special event.



We typically use 5 gallon kegs, also known as "sixtels" to dispense out of the taps. The amount of servings vary depending on the beverage which we have highlighted below:

  • 1 Beer sixtel contains approximately 55 12 oz. beer pours

  • Prosecco and wine kegs have 130 5 oz. glasses , this is equivalent to 26 standard bottles of wine.

  • For kombucha and cold-brew there are about 80 8 oz. servings

  • Specialty cocktails can be made in 1-5 gallon batches, 1 gallon offers 20 servings; 5 gallons offer 100 servings.


For every special event, we guide our clients through every step the beverage selection process creating a stress free mobile bar experience. The Bubbly Bee will help you create an unforgettable event while also making the mobile bar service affordable.


Wine & Prosecco

Yes, The Bubbly Bee can serve wine, rosé, and prosecco out of her taps. Each keg of wine and prosecco contain about 130 servings. We love to mix up the bar service experience by adding your favorite juice for mimosas or soda water for a refreshing spritzer.


Our custom mobile bar packages cater to each and every client by providing the drinks they want. Please reach out for a list of available wines and fun ways to add mixers to wine and prosecco to create a memorable experience for you and your guests.


Non-Alcoholic Options

We are not limited to just booze! Having non-alcoholic options on tap makes our mobile bar versatile for everyone. For guests under 21 they can enjoy a refreshing glass of kombucha or soda. Concerned about taking up a tap? These also double as great mixers for your favorite cocktails that we can tend on the side. Cold-pressed juice is perfect for brunch events while there will always be enough for a mimosa! Their versatility is endless and we can always switch out the taps to coffee for an end of the evening pick-me-up at your event.


Cold-Brew Coffee

Cold-brew coffee is a favorite of many events whether your guests need to be sharp for the corporate meeting or stay awake after a long night of partying. 



Kombucha can be enjoyed with or without alcohol. Its perfect for a cool and calming drink at the yoga retreat or spike it with the spirit of your choice adding more variety to the bar service experience.


We have a large selection of sodas and italian sodas to choose from.

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